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                                How to choose the right stone crusher

                                2019-08-30 19:22:16       1491

                                Different stones of different characteristics. We should choose the right stone crusher can be effectively crushed ore. Different stones, moisture, hardness, and wear resistance ore is different, so the crushing device should not be the same.

                                When crushed rock salt, chalk, soft shale, marl, broken cement, gravel and other relatively weak strength of stones, then rocks easily be crushed, so no need to use jaw crusher, roll crusher , impact crusher, crusher broken stone steps can be fully completed.

                                When the number of medium hardness of the stone crushing limestone, claystone, marl unstable density, etc., then you should choose the jaw crusher, cone crusher and impact crusher crushing kind of rock. Those stone crusherscan be broken multiple ranges with similar characteristics, not applicable to all the stones.

                                When crushed hardness and toughness gems, such as basalt, marble, granite, quartzite, limestone, sandstone, pyrite, and so on. We chose the stone crushers should have a strong crushing capacity, such as jaw crusher, jaw crusher is widely used in a variety of production lines crushing machine. If the selected machine breaking ability is weak, the hardness of the stone damage and shorten the working time.